Viraf Sarkari and Andre Timmins Co-founder of Wizcraft talks about Wizfilms debut production and their upcoming projects

1. You have been organizing star-studded Bollywood shows for a decade now. Why did it take you so long to get into production and start making meaningful movies?

Ans: “Our journey spans two decades in Bollywood entertainment, evolving from star-studded events to now venturing into film production. While deeply immersed in award shows for over 25-30 years, we recognize the distinct art of storytelling in movies, especially those with a social message. This shift is not about timing; it is about seizing the right moment to expand creatively. With digital platforms reshaping content consumption in India, we see film production as a natural evolution in our journey. Our experience in event management offers insights, but filmmaking presents a new realm of storytelling we are eager to explore. This move aligns with current content dynamics, marking a meaningful step towards contributing impactful narratives to the cinematic landscape.” Says, Andre Timmins

2. Wiz Films I remember had done numerous reality TV in the past? How was the experience with film production?

Ans: “At Wizcraft, we have been behind some of the most magnificent events in the country, from the 50years of the Indian Independence Day IIFA Awards and the many of the opening and closing events of sports events of Commonwealth Games, to the grand launch of Make In India. Our expertise has primarily been in producing large-scale television events, and now diving into filmmaking has been a whole new ball game. The dynamics are different - in events, it is one take, no second chances, completely live. But in cinema, it is a different beast altogether with combination of storytelling, drama, comedy, romance, and action. Our first production, Kadak Singh, was a beautiful journey that taught us a lot about the intricacies of filmmaking and how things operate in this medium. It is been a different and incredibly rewarding and learning experience for us.” Says, Viraf Sarkari.

3. What do you keep in mind while finalizing film projects? Which mediums will Wiz Films venture into in the coming years?

Ans: “I believe the heart of any film project lies in its story and script. Investing time and energy into crafting a compelling narrative is key - it is the winning formula. A strong story and script attracts everyone, from actors and directors to studios eager to distribute. For us at Wiz Films, our focus is on exploring diverse genres. We have recently ventured into family drama and crime thriller with Kadak Singh, and moving forward, we are diving into comedy, romance, real-life stories and music inspired by true events. Alongside feature films, we are also gearing up for a variety of OTT series. Our aim is to create engaging content that resonates with audiences across different genres in the coming years.” Says, Viraf Sarkari

4. There has been talk of a Hollywood production. Tell us more. Would you be interested in collaborating with other cinemas too?

Ans: “We are thrilled about collaborating globally, not just with Hollywood but also with talents from diverse film industries. Our vision transcends borders, aiming to partner with Spanish, Israeli, Korean, Mexican, and other cinemas known for their excellence. We see immense potential in joining forces with directors and actors from these regions to craft stories that resonate worldwide. The success of Money Heist and Squid Game exemplifies the richness of storytelling beyond Hollywood. In the digital era, content is accessible globally, and we aim to contribute to this phenomenon by fostering a creative exchange between Indian and international cinema. We see immense potential in joining hands with directors and actors from these regions to craft compelling stories that resonate globally. Our ambition is to create a fusion of cultures and narratives that captivate audiences universally, going beyond Hollywood to collaborate meaningfully with talents worldwide.” Says, Andre Timmins.

5. Your next project is a docu-series tracing Salman Khans lifes journey. Why Salman given that so much is already known about him? Will you take the series forward with another top-ranking star?

Ans: “We are embarking on an exciting project - a docu-series tracing Salman Khans life journey. Despite much known about him, Salman Khan has graciously allowed us to delve deeper into his life. This serves as a template for exploring similar projects with other top stars like Chiranjeevi, Rajnikanth, and more. Our aim is to unveil fresh perspectives and untold stories about prominent figures in the entertainment industry. While we are new to storytelling and filmmaking, our commitment is to bring socially relevant content, documentaries, and unique narratives that resonate with our expertise in live events. This docu-series is not a mere biography but a comprehensive exploration, similar to captivating documentary series like "Pumping Iron" and "The Last Dance." It is a stepping stone for us to create compelling content with depth and resonance, contributing meaningfully to the cinematic landscape.” Says, Andre Timmins.

“We are buzzing with excitement over our upcoming projects! Currently, we are deep into scripting for about 4-5 unique ventures. Among them are the charming Parsi comedy "Lagan Nu Custard" and the gripping Indo-Hollywood production "Children of God," inspired by true events. We are fine-tuning the script for the latter. There is also a major project with a superstar in the pipeline. Alongside these, we have captivating in-house stories ready to be unveiled gradually. And if we chance upon exceptional tales from other storytellers or writers, we are eager to bring them to life too. Exciting times ahead!” added, Viraf Sarkari.

6. How has the production business changed since the past decade? Since Wizcraft did Nach Baliye and other TV?

Ans: “The production landscape has evolved significantly. The storytelling today is unique, serious, and caters to a smarter, more discerning audience. Unlike the past, viewers will not settle for subpar content. We at the Wiz Films, the key is to curating exceptional content. We are committed to crafting beautiful films with compelling stories. Whether it calls for a big star or a rising talent, it is about making good films that resonate with audiences and appreciate worldwide. The bottom line is, we are in it to create films that work and that people appreciate worldwide—that is what drives us.” Says, Viraf Sarkari.