Everything You Do Has Its Own Destiny, Its Own Time And Place, Says Viraf Sarkari

Kadak Singh, marking the maiden venture of Wiz Films, premiered globally at the 54th International Film Festival of India (IFFI) in Goa, which unfolded on November 21st. The gripping thriller, guided by the acclaimed National Award-winning director Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury, unfolded on the big screen during the week-long festival in the distinguished ‘World Gala Premiere’ section on November 22nd.

Q) Kadak Singh's premiere was a big success at IFFI. What do you think made it connect with the audience at this scale?

Ans: I believe what resonated with the audience is entirely in the script, story, and characters. It's a very authentic film, not frivolous at all, and I think everyone connected with it because of its genuine portrayal.

Q) You have been showcasing large Bollywood events on a larger scale over the years. Why did Wizfilms take so long to produce their own production?

Ans) Everything you do has its own destiny, its own time and place. Yes, it has taken us many years to venture into film production, but it is better late than never. This has been Andre's, Sabaas's, and my dream—to be in film production. We've been developing this dream for many years, and I think, why not now? What's the problem with that? It's good that we've finally made it happen. That's what's more important.

Q) We read about the Salman Khan documentary series. Would you like to share some highlights on the same?

Ans) The next project I believe will come from the Wizfilms table is the documentary series called 'Beyond the Star: Salman Khan.' It's based on Salman's life from the time he was born until now, capturing his entire journey. It's going to be very exciting and interesting for audiences to experience his life in a five-episode documentary series.

Q) What kind of cinema and other projects do we expect or do you plan to add in the coming years?


Ans: So, I've been developing stories, and they come to my mind when I witness things happening in front of my eyes, read a small newspaper article, or when somebody shares something funny with me. I see stories in everything, and I've got some beautiful, real stories in the works. I've already worked on many stories, with some in the scripting stage. We've hired professional scriptwriters for each one, ensuring that every story is unique and different.

For example, 'Kadak Singh' is distinct, and we're also working on another story called 'Children of God,' which is an indoor Hollywood production. It's written by a Hollywood screenwriter from LA, making it very unique. It addresses a serious subject, making it a profound film. Another project is a Parsi comedy film we're developing titled 'Lagan Nu Custard.' Being a Parsi myself, I draw inspiration from my experiences in the Parsi colony during my stay, real incidents, funny situations, and quirky stuff. It's going to be a beautiful project.

There are many more stories in development, including another film called 'Jaya Hai.' So, lots of projects are in the pipeline—each one unique, different, and beautiful. Our goal at Wizfilms is to create good cinema, not just frivolous films.

Q) What motivates you to work on such exciting projects?

Ans: What motivates me are some of the projects that have been emerging on the OTT platform. The content there inspires me to create better, high-quality cinema. Additionally, what happens on the other side of the fence, like in Telugu cinema and Telugu filmmaking, is a source of motivation. Real-life stories and situations that I absorb and turn into narratives have always been at the heart of my creative process, and that's what motivates me the most.

The high quality of content on OTT platforms serves as real motivation for me. For me, the scale is not just about making bigger-budget films or working with bigger stars and productions. Instead, it's about pure cinema, good cinema that can reach a larger audience. When the content is good, a larger audience engages with it, and that, for me, is important.

Q) Any additional messages or thoughts to share?

Ans: All I have to say is that we have been in the entertainment business. Andre, Sabbas, and I are the founders and directors of Wizcraft. Venturing into film production represents the next phase of our lives. We want this business to continue thriving, and this marks the transformation and completion of our circle. Life comes full circle in the entertainment industry. We are happy to be here, hoping to enjoy making films and content, and we also hope that our audience enjoys it even more than we do. Thank you so much.