“The Audience response at IFFI Goa reinforces our belief in the power of storytelling, reinforces Viraf Sarkari”

The enthusiastic reception highlighted the film's impact and resonated with the emotions it evoked.

Viraf Sarkari - Director of Wizfilms and Co-producer of Kadak Singh with the star cast of film Kadak Singh at IFFI Red Carpet

Wiz Films’ debut production, the Pankaj Tripathi starrer “Kadak Singh”, Steals the Show at IFFI Goa"

"I am truly humbled by the overwhelming response "Kadak Singh" received at the World Gala Premiere at 54th IFFI in Goa . Witnessing the audience's emotional connection with the film, its characters and the appreciation by the audience was a testament to the hard work and dedication of our incredible team. It reinforces our belief in the power of storytelling and the magic that cinema can create. This moment marks the beginning of an exciting journey for Wiz Films, and I am grateful for the support from my Actors, Director & the Crew", says Viraf Sarkari.


The 54th International Film Festival of India (IFFI) in Goa witnessed a landmark moment with the Gala Premiere of Viraf Sarkari's Wizfilms' debut production, "Kadak Singh," on November 22nd. The film marked a significant entry into the world of cinema for Wizfilms, creating a buzz and heightened anticipation among the audience. The grandeur of the occasion was emphasized by the attendance of the entire cast and crew, who graced the red carpet, making the premiere a star-studded affair.



The response to "Kadak Singh" was nothing short of spectacular, as the audience bestowed the film with an amazing review and a heartfelt appreciation post the premiere. The enthusiastic reception highlighted the film's impact and resonated with the emotions it evoked. The Gala Premiere became a celebration of cinematic excellence, showcasing the synergy between storytelling, direction, and performances that defined "Kadak Singh."

A Wiz Films & KVN Production, in association with Opus, Kadak Singh has been produced by Wiz Films, HT Content Studio, First Step Movies and KVN, directed by Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury. The writers of "Kadak Singh" include Viraf Sarkari, Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury, and Ritesh Shah.

In a candid and insightful conversation with the lead actor, Pankaj Tripathi, Viraf Sarkari delved into the narrative behind "Kadak Singh" and the inception of Wizfilms. He shared the journey, challenges, and creative process that brought the film to fruition. Sarkari's openness about the inspiration and vision behind the film added a personal touch to the premiere, offering the audience a glimpse into the passion and dedication that fueled Wizfilms' inaugural venture. The conversation illuminated not just the success of "Kadak Singh" but also the promising trajectory of Wizfilms in the world of cinema.

Viraf Sarkari and Pankaj Tripathi

Ques: Could you share what specific elements or aspects of the story appealed to you and influenced your decision to proceed with the project?

Ans: When Ritesh narrated the story during our Zoom meeting, the unique angle of the father-daughter relationship and the unconventional screenplay approach immediately caught my attention. The freshness and originality of these elements intrigued me, prompting my decision to delve into the script. As I read through it, I was genuinely impressed by the narration, the compelling storyline, and the excellence of the screenplay. The script presented a world that was both engaging and different, and it had a certain charm that appealed to me. The following day, after reading the script again, I realized that it was unlike any I had encountered in the past four to five years. The engaging nature of the story and the depth of its theme were apparent, and it became clear that I wanted to be a part of this project. However, I also recognized the challenge of crafting a perfect climax for such a vast narrative. The need to conclude the story in a satisfying way added a bit of pressure, but it was a challenge I was excited to take on. Overall, the uniqueness of the script, combined with its engaging nature, ultimately led me to commit to the project."

Ques: "What inspired the concept and storyline for the movie 'Kadak Singh,' and how did the idea originate in your mind?"

Ans: About twelve years ago, the seed of the idea for a father-daughter story took root in my mind. It was an unconventional narrative that delved into the intricacies of the human mind. In the initial stages, I worked tirelessly on developing the story alone, immersing myself in the creative process. As the concept gained depth, I felt the need for collaboration, and that's when I joined forces with a talented scriptwriter.

The collaborative writing process was a powerful journey. Together, we honed the narrative, and my vision for a distinctive father-daughter tale started to materialize. Eager to share this emotional and unique story with a wider audience, I began narrating it to others. The response was overwhelming—tears flowed, but there was also a recognition of the story's uniqueness.

Over the years, the story continued to evolve. I discussed it with Pooja Ladha Surti, and we decided to embark on the journey of bringing this tale to life. Tony Da joined the project, and we enlisted the expertise of Ritesh Shah for scripting. Collaborating with Ritesh was a fantastic experience. We spent days at my home, navigating through various challenges and meticulously working on the conclusion.

The conclusion phase presented its own set of challenges, but through teamwork and dedication, we overcame them and finalized the script. This collaborative effort and the various creative minds involved shaped the narrative into what it is today—the heart-warming and impactful story of 'Kadak Singh - which will inspire hope in the midst of rampant corruption, entertain, engage, educate and empower. Await more such amazing films from the house of Wiz Films because that’s the only way forward for us,” asserts Viraf Sarkari, Director of Wiz Films & one of the producers of Kadak Singh.